TSCI.pngTradeStation Analysis Techniques

Directly Signaled Tradescape Single-Stage

TSTradescape Generate Tradescapes with Signal Symmetry

TSAsymTradescape Generate Tradescapes with Signal Asymmetry

TSProgTradescape Generate Progressive Tradescapes (Time Sequence)

Directly Signaled Tradescape Two-Stage

TSSentimentscape Generate Sentimentscapes (Sentiment-Augmented Tradescapes)

TSProgSentimentscape Generate Progressive Sentimentscapes (Time Sequence)

Referentially (Surrogate) Signaled Tradescape Single-Stage

TSRefTradescape Generate Referential Tradescapes

TSRefAsymTradescape Generate Referential Asymmetric Tradescapes

TSRefProgTradescape Generate Progressive Referential Tradescapes (Time Sequence)

Referentially (Surrogate) Signaled Tradescape Two-Stage

TSRefSentimentscape Generate Referential Sentimentscapes

TSRefProgSentimentscape Generate Progressive Referential Sentimentscapes (Time Sequence)

Intraday Series (Multiple Bar Density) Tradescape

TSIntraTradescape Generate Tradescapes for Intraday Bar Density Series

TSIntraSentimentscape Generate Sentimentscapes for Intraday Bar Density Series

Specialty Tradescape

TSBookHalfTradescape Generate Tradescapes to Study Book-Half Money Management Strategy

TSBookTimeTradescape Generate Tradescapes to Study Timed Exit Strategy

Signal Evaluation

TSSigEval Evaluate Real-World Trading Signals

TSRefSigEval Evaluate Real-World Surrogate Trading Signals

TSAdvSigEval Evaluate Real World Advanced (Sentiment-Augmented) Trading Signals

Data Export

TSExportData Writes All Data Streams in a Chart to a Single ASCII CSV File