TSCI.pngGraph Zoom (2D)

8017.png If there are multiple modes offered in a 2D graph, the zoom mode must be specifically selected in order to zoom-in the graph using the mouse. For most graphs, this Zoom-In Mode button will be absent as the zoom mode is the default behavior.

8009.png If there are multiple graphs present, the zoom-in operation can impact only the graph being zoomed, or all of the graphs present. The Zoom-In Applies to All Graphs button is used to toggle this option.

Note that this type of zoom using the mouse is not possible with 3D surface graphs, although it is possible with the contour plots that are rendered as 2D graphs.

Zooming Graph(s)

A graph is zoomed in by placing the mouse cursor at one corner of the XY rectangle you wish to include in the zoomed-in scaling. Hold the left mouse button down while moving the mouse to the opposite corner. All of the data and/or surface enclosed in the box will be autoscaled and included in a zoomed version of the plot. If the Zoom-In Applies to All Graphs is selected, all of the graphs will be zoomed using the XY bounds in the in the one graph.

Canceling the Zoom on a Single Graph

To cancel the zoom-in, right click anywhere in the graph except on a data point or function anchor. This clearing of the zoom-in restores the predefined scaling for the graph. If the Zoom-In Applies to All Graphs is selected, all of the graphs will be cleared.

Setting the XY Range for All Graphs

8031.png The Modify Graph Scaling can be used to set the exact scaling for all graphs. You will probably need to use this option if you want to set exact bounds and divisions for the X and Y axes.

Full Scaling

8032.png Note that the Reset Default Scaling toolbar button not only clears any zoom-in but also fully resets automatic scaling. Any predefined scaling for a specific visualization, if present, will be lost. Automatic scaling accommodates all of the data present in the graph. If you reset the default automatic scaling on graphs with predefined scales that display only a specific portion of the data present, you can restore the specialized custom scaling by choosing one of the applet specific options to the left of the graph(s).