TSCI.pngGraph Colors

8055.png The Select Color Scheme, Customize Colors item is used to set the colors for the current 2D or 3D graph to one of the predefined color schemes or to select or revise a custom color scheme for the type of graph displayed. This dialog incorporates a copy of the current graph. Any color scheme selection is immediately reflected in the graph.

Note that you can print a Black and White graph from any color scheme (the program internally changes to the appropriate Page White color scheme for printing a monochrome graph). For each applet in the program, a separate 2D and 3D color configuration is saved across sessions. That includes any customized color set. For any given applet, you can have separate customized colors sets for both the 2D and 3D graphs.

Color Selection

The various graphs within the platform are preassigned a default color scheme. If you dislike a given color scheme, you can select one of the ten predefined schemes or build your own custom scheme.

Note that many of the color schemes are not immediately apparent if you are using a 2D graph where the Graph Layout is currently maximized. If you want to modify or create a custom color scheme, you may want to first change to one of the other graph layouts containing titles and a standard background.

Selecting or Reading a Custom Color Scheme

A custom color scheme for each graph is automatically saved across sessions. This color scheme is listed as the User Customized option. Initially, this user color scheme will contain the Page White Color scheme, the one you would most likely want to modify for color printing. To first create a custom color scheme, first select the one existing color scheme closest to the desired colors and then select the Customize Colors button. To read a custom colors [CLR] file from this initial color selection dialog, simply select the Read option.

Creating a Custom Color Scheme

The Customize Colors button opens a Custom Colors dialog. Like the color scheme dialog, it too contains a copy of the current graph which will be updated with each color modification. This dialog will display the graph colors used in the program and to the left of each you will see the current colors. Simply click on the color you want to customize and then select one of the 20 pure Windows colors in the selection palette. The graph will immediately change to reflect your choice if that element exists within the current graph. These 20 colors are those which are guaranteed to be present in all Windows applications, regardless of palette settings.

Saving a Custom Color Scheme

The most recent custom color scheme for a given type of graph is automatically saved across sessions. If you want to have more than one custom color scheme for a given type of graph, you will have to Save the custom colors to a disk file and use the Read item to recall them prior to printing. You will also want to save the custom color scheme to disk if you want to use these same colors in other program graphs. Colors files for 2D graphs have CL2 default extensions and those for 3D graphs have CL3 default extensions. These are binary files which can only be generated from within the program.

Reading a Custom Color Scheme

The Custom colors option also has a Read option to import custom color files. The 2D and 3D plots have separate colors and color schemes. You can only load the CL2 custom color files for 2D graphs and CL3 custom color files for 3D graphs.


The Reset option restores colors to the state existing when the dialog was opened.